"The Hands of Light School of Tai Chi and Qi Gong has been established since 1995. The schools founder is Iain Naylor who has been practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong since 1980.  The School teaches and supports over 40 regular classes, throughout Tayside and the Scottish Borders. Training courses are offered to health and well-being practitioners. Since 2005, the school has offered yearly culture and training trips to China with our Chinese partner."


Tai Chi and Qi Gong are part of Chinese culture, they are not religions although they originate from the Taoist philosophy and are practiced by Taoist and Buddhist monks as part of meditation. In China, balance in all things is promoted as a way of life, practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong helps to promote balance within the lifestyle as a way of improving mental and physical health.

Tai Chi is a sequence of postures that have been developed into ‘forms’ over many years by Chinese families and more recently by sports bodies. There are many styles of Tai Chi the most popular and widely practiced being Yang family style which along with the more modern forms are those taught by the school.

The school also teaches many forms of Qi Gong exercise. This is an integral part of Chinese Medicine that is prescribed by Chinese doctors as part of a lifestyle regime to keep their patients healthy.


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Tai chi & Qi Gong- Benefits

Tai chi and qi gong have many benefits including health, spiritual, mental and psychological wellness.

Among the health benefits of tai chi and qi gong are better digestion, circulation, balance, flexibility and coordination. People who practice these ancient arts tend to suffer less from conditions such as constipation, heartburn and kidney problems. This is because the exercises have been designed to tone up the organs of the body so that they are working more efficiently. Every time you perform a tai chi or qi gong movement you are giving your internal organs and all the tissues that encase them a massage. This helps to keep your entire body both inside and out young and supple.

Tai chi and qi gong are also good for the joints and muscles. The exercises are so gentle that it is difficult to harm yourself doing them. Forms of tai chi and qi gong have been deliberately designed to gently stretch and tone the muscles and to improve all over flexibility.