"The Hands of Light School of Tai Chi and Qi Gong has been established since 1995. The schools founder is Iain Naylor who has been practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong since 1980.  The School teaches and supports over 40 regular classes, throughout Tayside and the Scottish Borders. Training courses are offered to health and well-being practitioners. Since 2005, the school has offered yearly culture and training trips to China with our Chinese partner."

Pictures of our Cultural Tour
Chen and Coco
Chen and Coco, our hosts in China

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We Provide
Cultural and Training Trips in China

Each year along with our Chinese partners we offer a number of Chinese cultural experiences.  These trips are open to all and no Tai Chi experience is required.

Wudang and Yunnan

For anyone wishing to pursue the essence of Tai Chi, Wudang mountain is the perfect place to start.  Live on the mountain to visit the sights and train with Taoist monks.  Travel on to Yunnan province in the south west of China where they say that spring is never ending.

If these cultural experiences are not what you are looking for we can tailor trips to your needs.  For example take a trip along the Silk Road or enjoy the Yangtze River experience.

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